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I can see clearly Now!

Everyone has experienced the frustration: It’s a perfectly good computer, tablet, or smartphone, but try to read it in direct sunlight and it’s pretty much rendered useless. However, Dontech, Inc. aims to eliminate this issue for our troops on the ground awaiting a SITREP i.e. instruction from Command and Control, thanks to the company’s high-brightness Day Vu displays. Combined with Dontech’s optical filters, Day Vu displays proffer full readability, even in direct sunlight, with 850 to 1,250 nits as typical on screens diagonally measuring 4.1" to 24".

The “actively enhanced,” LED-backlit Day Vu display series is fully customizable and can be configured in multiple ways: 1) with myriad types of touch screens, including resistive touch screens, Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) touch screens, Projective Capacitative Touch Screens (PCT), Infrared touch screens, and optical imaging touch screens; 2) with antireflective cover glass films offering glare protection via finishes starting at matte 30 gloss and spanning all the way to clear 92 gloss finishes; 3) with transparent heaters, which are “visually transparent substrates with electrically conductive coatings,” designed to elongate LCD operating temp ranges from 0 °C to less than -40 °C, for example; and 4) with EMI/RFI shielding, facilitated with 50 to 225 Openings Per Inch (OPI) grid counts, making Day Vu displays suitable for solving EMI/RFI vulnerabilities in accordance with MIL-STD-464 and MIL-STD-461.

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